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9x18mm MAC-10 copy (Ukraine)


A well made ‘bootleg’ copy of the Ingram MAC-10 with a rather dinky suppressor. Fittingly it’s chambered in 9×18 Makarov, a cartridge much more widely available locally than either 9x19mm or .45 ACP. Unusually it has a copy of the original stock, a feature typically negated entirely. Seized from a high profile Ukrainian gangster following a shoot-out with police.


‘Slam-barrel’ single shot pistol

Examples of a ‘slam-barrel’ pistol, a design in which the barrel also acts as a striker against a fixed firing pin located at the rear. The barrel is pulled forward to cock and load a cartridge.

blowforward1 improguns

blowforward5 improguns blowforward3 improguns blowforward4 improguns


blowforward2 improguns

Improvised semi-automatic pistol with Paintball frame (Brazil 20)

A fairly compact improvised semi-automatic pistol seized in Brazil. Its entire trigger frame is from a paintball marker.

PBSMGBrazil2015 improguns

Related: Improvised brass barrel firearm with paintball marker trigger frame

Pictured is an interesting improvised 9mm firearm being sold within criminal circles in Brazil. The entire trigger group / lower is from a standard paintball marker, allowing for a more useful semi-automatic (open-bolt) operation. A clever feature is the use of standard 9mm holed hexagonal brass bar stock as a crude smooth-bore barrel.


Revolving shotgun used in robbery (Brazil)

A homemade revolving shotgun among firearms seized from three suspected youths following an armed robbery.

revolvingshotgunbrazil2 improguns

revolvingshotgunbrazil2MS improguns

Double barrel shotgun pistol (Brazil)

A neat 12 gauge ‘burglar gun’ garage special from Brazil. Often purchased from local artisans for home defence.


The Hexagun – Improvised six barreled shotgun (Brazil)

A six barreled 12 gauge shotgun seized in Rondonia State, Brazil (Corrected). The gang’s initials (CVRJ) are painted on the stock.

multibarrelshotgun improguns

Clearer pictures: (Thanks Ronaldo!)


Locally made shotgun pistol (Egypt)

A crude 12 gauge shotgun pistol made in Egypt. Business has boomed for local craftsman dealing in such weapons following the Arab Spring.

shotgunpistolegypt improguns

9mm zip gun made from a bicycle pump

A 9mm zip gun fabricated using a bicycle pump and some threaded fittings. Confiscated from a member of a biker gang in Sweden.

bikepumpzipgun improguns

Underground submachine gun article – 1980s

Here’s an interesting article posted on TFB, in which Ronaldo Olive describes several homemade submachine guns captured in South America during the 70s and 80s.

underground_01 underground_02 underground_03 underground_04 underground_05 underground_06

A number of ‘Capoeira’ SMGs can be seen in the photo below which was taken during the seizure of a factory being used by a communist guerrilla group to produce them in Argentina. The examples seen are fitted with a simple folding stock.