Monthly Archives: January 2017

Homemade firearms seized in Afula, Israel



speargunzipgunSeized earlier this month in Afula. The last appears to be an air powdered spear gun adapted into a single shot weapon along with improvised ammunition.

Zip gun made from plumbing fittings

plumbingzipgunA zip gun assembled from plumbing fittings with a brass hose nipple for a barrel. The striker is pulled back and released to fire.

A shotgun made from things

revengeforharambeJames is currently completing an apprenticeship with Holland & Holland and wished to share his latest project. We wish him the very best in his endeavors.

Hammer operated zip gun

hammerzipgun1improgunsPlumber’s belt-bag special.

Homemade TEC-9 copy seized in Sydney, Australia

tec9copyaus-improgunsA submachine gun based on the Interdynamic MP-9 or ‘TEC-9’ along with a silencer which was seized by NSW police in Sydney.

Another handmade revolver seized in Australia

homemaderevolveraus2A home workshop revolver seized by police this week which is similar to an example which was seized in Queensland in August of last year. The frames of the guns appear to be casted aluminum and are obviously being made locally. Loading and ejection of cartridges is a revival from guns such as the Colt SAA Peacemaker.