Monthly Archives: September 2016

Handmade revolver seized during drug arrest (Australia)

handmaderevolverAn interesting homemade center-fire revolver confiscated along with drugs from a 22 year old women last month in Queensland, Australia. The frame 0f the gun looks like it could be roughly casted while the cylinder appears to be machined. Coupled with solid metal grip panels, enhanced pistol-whipping capabilities are obvious.

Homemade submachine gun (New Zealand)


A homemade 9mm submachine gun seized in New Zealand. A sten magazine has been used.

‘Match’ lock pistol pair

A fabulous set of superbly handcrafted matchlock dueling pistols by the late Ivan Mikhailov.


Brazilian artisan submachine gun seized

789568937896992Firearms and ammunition seized from a gang operating in Ceara state, Brazil. The submachine gun is the same model featured in Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal.