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Improvised firearms destroyed in Haiti

A number of crude homemade firearms ready to be destroyed as part of a United Nations ‘community safety program’ in Haiti.

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.22 zip gun made using pipe fittings

Below is a very simple .22 zip gun made using a threaded pipe fitting capped with a hose nipple on both ends, one acting as a barrel. The weapon is fired by pulling back the striker bar which is under spring tension, then releasing.

hosenipplezipgun improgunsstainlesspipe_page16 brass-female-hose-barbs-female-hose-nipple-250x250

Two more examples using this ultra simple assembly method, one being able to chamber nail gun blanks:

pipefittingszipguns2 improgunszipgunfrompipefittings2 improguns

Hardware store firepower: staple gun weapon using nail gun blanks

On this example of a stapler conversion, the barrel (a steel tube) is attached to a piece of tree branch which rotates via a screw to allow the loading of nail gun charges + a projectile. Everything needed for this pistol can be purchased at any hardware store and assembled within minutes.

staplerzipgunramset improguns

Improvised sheet metal SMG seized – Brazil – 14

Features a skeleton grip and crude folded sheet steel construction.


Homemade ‘T’ SMG seized in Serra, Espírito Santo – Brazil – 13

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