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Plastic Defence – Illegal 3D Printed Guns in Europe (Documentary)

PLASTIC DEFENCE is a documentary about illegal 3D printed firearms in Europe and the decentralised network behind them. These guns are robust, they don’t blow up in your hands, and they’re untraceable. What’s more, they’re being made in people’s bedrooms.”

Improvised weapons cache discovered whilst foraging

Below are homemade submachine guns and ammunition discovered by a Swedish couple whilst out foraging for mushrooms. A bag of bread dated 1997 was also present in one of the boxes. The magazine slot on the first SMG appears to accommodate those used by the Swedish K m45.

smg111smg112Thanks Jan.

9mm zip gun made from a bicycle pump

A 9mm zip gun fabricated using a bicycle pump and some threaded fittings. Confiscated from a member of a biker gang in Sweden.

bikepumpzipgun improguns