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Handbuilt 20x102mm cannon prototype

20mmcannon1Josh, the inventor of this fine piece of garage engineering writes:

Good evening all, and a happy early Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to share my abomination that I will attempt to test-fire tomorrow. This firearm is a rudimentary single-shot 20x102mm (20mm Vulcan) Destructive Device I built myself on an ATF Form 1. Every single part on here (minus the barrel (but including rear threading & muzzle brake), tripod, pintle, and traverse/elevation mechanism) I built myself, by hand. No CNC parts, nothing off-she-shelf except for a few bolts from the hardware store. The gun is not yet finished, but far enough along for it’s first prototype test-fire. I plan to do this tomorrow, at a family gathering out on the girlfriend’s property.

20mmcannon220mmcannon320mmcannon420mmcannon520mmcannon6Test fire videos:

Pistol workshop haul (Egypt)

Locally made firearms and components seized by Egyptian police following raid on a small workshop.


Illicit submachine gun construction bust (Brazil)

A homemade submachine gun and components parts related to construction seized in Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Handmade revolver project

An unfinished small caliber revolver crafted from sheet metal. The cylinder which consists of welded together tubes is manually indexed between shots.

homemaderevolverproject improguns

Four shot pen gun from Thailand

A repeating .22lr pen gun made from square steel bar which features a rotating four shot barrel block. Each barrel is manually aligned with a thumb operated striker positioned at the corner. The weapon is currently being produced and sold in Thailand.



MS-13 homebuilt machine pistols

Machine pistols similar to the AB-10 / TEC-9 seized from suspected MS-13 gang members in Honduras. The lower receivers appear to be casted or possibly even 3D printed.



Homemade SMGs with AR stocks seized by IDF

9mm submachine guns of a type frequently seized by Israeli Defence Forces, sometimes locally referred to as ‘Carlo’ or ‘Carl Gustaf’ pistols. These are usually seen fitted with AR furniture and are sometimes made to use Uzi magazines.



.40 ‘SPECTRA’ submachine gun recovered in Brazil

spectrasmg1 improguns

Here’s a relatively elegant suppressed submachine gun supposedly chambered in .40 and made in Italy with serial number 001 … by Cobray…. and probably most positively very likely isn’t.

spectrasmg2 improgunsspectrasmg3 improguns

spectrasmg4 improguns

Another example seized alongside a small amount of regulated consumables intended for personal use:


Handmade .22 single-shot (Czech Republic)

A garage tinker’s rather overbuilt .22 rimfire pistol project. The breech rotates to allow loading. It is striker fired.

homemade22cz1 improguns homemade22cz2 improguns