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Locally made RPG launcher (Kolkata)

A locally made RPG type launcher along with a Kalashnikov type assault rifle which were found buried in Purulia district, Kolkata. Police reported that the weapons were found at two sites near Khatanga village bordering Jharkhand. Two individuals arrested had links to Maoist rebel groups.

The launcher appears to fire a standard PG7 munition and interestingly appears to use a trigger grip unit identical to those seen on locally made Sterling submachine gun copies, also appearing regularly in Maoist arms caches.

Locally made Sterling SMG copy.

IRA weapons haul displayed by Irish Gardai

Various improvised weapons on display which were recovered in the Republic of Ireland during 2014-2015. Included are horizontal mortars and components, a beer keg bomb and two makeshift rockets, obviously reminiscent of the ‘Al Qassam’ models frequently used by Hamas militants.



PIRA improvised grenade launchers (PRIG and IPG)

Full article – The IRA’s recoilless improvised grenade launcher

“The Projected Recoilless Improvised Grenade (PRIG) was a shoulder fired weapon developed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) for use against lightly armored vehicles. It is perhaps the most ingenious example of kitchen cupboard improvisation to date.”

projectedimprovisedgrenadelauncher1projectedimprovisedgrenadelauncher2 prigbox1 improvisedrecoillesslaunchers1iraprig prg4 IRApriglauncher UE-120-9 ira3 irarecoillessgrenadelauncher3 improvisedrecoillesslauncher2 IRAimprovisedprojectedgrenadelauncher iraimprovisedlaunchers

Free Syrian Army improvised grenade launcher design

An improvised shoulder fired mortar / grenade launcher built by FSA armorers. A shotgun shell appears to act as the propellent charge and a spring loaded striker is cocked from the rear to arm. It’s trigger is unusually mounted to it’s side.

syrianlauncher improgunssyrianhomemadelaunchercompilationTest fire video: