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Homemade submachine gun / UZI copy (United Kingdom)

A homemade submachine gun closely based on the UZI housed along with other improvised firearms in the National Ballistics Intelligence Service reference collection in Birmingham, UK.

Coat hanger & elastic band special

“Walmer Detective arrested a suspect on 05/04 who was wanted for house robbery. Homemade gun & 13 rounds of ammo seized.” SA Police

Zip gun / improvised pistol

A zip gun whittled from wood and powered by an elastic band. A piece of steel tube such as a car aerial will suffice as a crude .22 barrel.

Improvised revolver (Papua New Guinea)

improvised-revolverAn improvised revolver seized after the arrest of several robbery suspects in Papua New Guinea.

Hammer operated zip gun

hammerzipgun1improgunsPlumber’s belt-bag special.

Door Hinge Derringer

A single shot zip gun made using a door hinge, some scrap plywood and some nuts & bolts.

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Zip gun seized in NSW, Australia

centerpunchzipgun1centerpunchzipgun2A simple .22lr zip gun made from a cheap automatic center-punch tool seized in New South Wales, Australia.


Knuckle duster zip gun murder weapon

knuckledustergunA crude handcrafted .38 cal zip gun which also doubles as a knuckle duster. It was used to murder a business owner during a delivery in Brazil in September 2016. The suspect claimed he learned how to construct the gun while in prison.


.38 zip gun (Colombia)

674687822879An improvised pistol chambered in .38 Special which uses a door bolt as a striker. The pistol was thrown by a suspect during a police chase.