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Homemade submachine gun / UZI copy (United Kingdom)

A homemade submachine gun closely based on the UZI housed along with other improvised firearms in the National Ballistics Intelligence Service reference collection in Birmingham, UK.

Coat hanger & elastic band special

“Walmer Detective arrested a suspect on 05/04 who was wanted for house robbery. Homemade gun & 13 rounds of ammo seized.” SA Police

Zip gun / improvised pistol

A zip gun whittled from wood and powered by an elastic band. A piece of steel tube such as a car aerial will suffice as a crude .22 barrel.

Improvised revolver (Papua New Guinea)

improvised-revolverAn improvised revolver seized after the arrest of several robbery suspects in Papua New Guinea.

Hammer operated zip gun

hammerzipgun1improgunsPlumber’s belt-bag special.

Door Hinge Derringer

A single shot zip gun made using a door hinge, some scrap plywood and some nuts & bolts.

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