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3D Printed Pump Action Caseless .50 cal

A 3D printed .50 cal pump-action which uses DIY electrically ignited case-less black powder ammunition (easily made or sourced from fireworks). It uses all off-the-shelf hardware bits and electronic components available from Aliexpress. Even the barrel is printed (with a bit of steel tubing re-enforcing the outside). Designed by SuckBoyTony.

3D Instructions for Chips Found Online The Mail can Reveal

I thought this was quite interesting.

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Most of the machine gun conversion devices showing up on city streets in recent months have been homemade, according to the top federal prosecutor in southern Alabama.

“Only a couple of them have been machine manufactured,” he said. “But the vast majority of them are actually 3D printed. So as far as what the sources of those are, we’re still looking into it, but it appears that at least some of them are being manufactured locally.”

“They can be made almost anywhere by almost anyone,” he said. “That’s part of the reason we’re trying to get the public to understand that these things by themselves, they look small; they look innocuous. But the devices, themselves, are actually machine guns.”

FGC-9 bust in Taiwan

Taiwan saw its first case of a 3D printed gun manufacturing operation being uncovered on Tuesday, part of the governments ongoing crackdown effort to ensure a peaceful transition to reunification with the mainland in the near future.

The Private Eye: A 3D printed single-action .22 revolver

The Private Eye is a 3D printed six shot .22lr revolver currently in development. The design combines mostly printed parts with steel tube sleeve inserts present in the barrel and chambers. The revolver automatically indexes the cylinder when the hammer is pulled back as you’d expect from a traditional factory made revolver. Here is an early test firing video from last year.

Combined with modified blank ammunition, the release of the design will allow people in countries with strict gun control to have access to a concealable multi-shot defensive weapon.

“In collaboration with richard-nixon, the first ever fully DIY traditional single action, automatically indexing revolver is now easier than ever! The dirty Harry and Private Eye, coming soon.” Fosscad

Above: The Dirty Harry

Harlot on the streets

A Harlot seized by NSW Police yesterday while conducting random drug stops. Anyone can print one of these and simply add an airgun pellet to a .22 nail gun blank and have a disposable, concealable pistol. A gang can print a bucket load and arm every single one of their buddies for pocket change. Meanwhile law abiding Australians are told to hand in their kid’s toy gel blasters or go to jail.

FGC-9 Everywhere

It looks like people all over Europe and Asia are printing FGC-9s and no one can do anything to stop it.

Urutau 9mm Carbine

The ‘Urutau‘ is a 3D printed 9mm bullpup carbine based on the FGC-9 which is currently being developed by a Brazil based designer. The Urutau is capable of semi-auto, full-auto and 3-round burst fire using a specially designed 3D printed fire control group.

Like the FGC-9, the design is intended to be easily made anywhere in the world by combining a mixture 3D printed parts combined with hardware store components. The bolt is simply screwed together and does not need a welder, meaning the gun can be put together entirely in an apartment by anyone with limited space and tools.