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MK3 DIY Sheet Metal Auto Pistol (Myanmar)

A copy of the MK3 DIY Sheet Metal Self-loading Pistol manufactured by Myanmar PDF.

Improvised MAC-11 SMG (Brazil)

A homemade box tube type MAC copy seized in Brazil. It was apparently in the process of being sold for 5000 Brazilian Real (Around $1000 USD).

Production of the FGC-9 rifle led by SSTF Youths (Myanmar)

“KMN (Mizzima). Sagaing Division The head of the SSTF told Mizzima that five young members of the Salingyi Special Task Force, based in Sallingyi Township, were able to successfully manufacture the FGC 9 long gun. FGC 9, MK II – Stingray edition is a semi-auto gun that can shoot around 100 meters and uses 9mm ammunition. The head of the SSTF said that technicians are needed to continue producing advanced guns, and knowledgeable people are needed for the revolution.”

7.62×39 Semi Auto Carbine made from a Paintball Marker

Here’s a very tidy gun sent in by a reader. It is an entirely homebuilt straight blow-back semi-auto carbine in 7.62×39 (firing from a closed bolt) using a common model of paintball marker for the body and trigger group. Apparently it was originally posted in a thread on a now defunct European firearms forum.

The write-up was as follows:

“straight blowback, and quite heavy because of the additional weight added to the bolt, attached above the actual bolt, in the separate tube above, which houses the springs required to return the assembly while the lower tube houses the bolt and firing pin and its spring assembly. Unfortunately, smoothbore.

It was a Professor Parabellum design, adapted to the magazine and ammunition that was available. Fired twice from vice so far, operating as expected”

Bolt details:

The gun uses unmodified AK magazines:

Below is the original ‘BT Delta’ MP5 style model of paintball marker the gun utilized:

Here’s a similar pistol based on the same plans posted a couple of years back.

Suppressed MAC-10 copy (Chile)

A copy which was probably intended for more serious use judging by the addition of a shoulder stock and an actual means of aiming it. Refreshingly it was also seized along with a fairly decent amount of ammo as is rarely the case.

.22 Short zip gun

A spring and some plumbing bits were all that was needed to construct this fine .22 caliber pistol.