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By Any Means Necessary

This six shot improvised 12 gauge shotgun, which is incomplete, was seized by police along with Satan’s Plants by police in Brazil. On this crude example the drum is formed from multiple steel tubes welded together with a thumb screw below which is tightened to align and lock each chamber. The firing mechanism is missing.

Coat hanger & elastic band special

“Walmer Detective arrested a suspect on 05/04 who was wanted for house robbery. Homemade gun & 13 rounds of ammo seized.” SA Police

Improvised .357 slam-bang zip gun

Similar to the classic shotgun variation though arranged in reverse. It is made from three components which include a barrel pipe welded into a larger pipe and a length of steel bar with a nail in the end to act as a forward driven firing pin. Simple and highly effective.

.22lr improvised firearm / zip gun

zipgun0563improgunsA crude .22lr single-shot firearm made from an air gun barrel and a cupboard hinge.

Door Hinge Derringer

A single shot zip gun made using a door hinge, some scrap plywood and some nuts & bolts.

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Zip gun seized in NSW, Australia

centerpunchzipgun1centerpunchzipgun2A simple .22lr zip gun made from a cheap automatic center-punch tool seized in New South Wales, Australia.


Homemade guns seized in Nigeria


Homemade guns including a revolver and a percussion muzzleloader seized from cattle rustlers in Nigeria.

Pepperbox zip-gun

An ‘arts & crafts bin’  incarnation of a simple pepperbox design. Each tube chambers a nail gun cartridge + a ball bearing. Hopefully the creator still has the ability to see.



Pistol workshop haul (Egypt)

Locally made firearms and components seized by Egyptian police following raid on a small workshop.


Illicit submachine gun construction bust (Brazil)

A homemade submachine gun and components parts related to construction seized in Minas Gerais, Brazil.