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Improvised firearm / zip gun made from pipe fittings

A quick and dirty improvised firearm assembled using pipe fittings available at any hardware store. Ammunition in this case has been improvised using nail gun charges with the crimp removed and a lead projectile inserted. The weapon functions by pulling back the ball end of the spring loaded striker bar and releasing to fire.

.380 SMG from Brazil

A fairly unique submachine gun seized last month which is chambered in .380 ACP, the same model having been seized on a number of occasions by police in Minas Gerais. It is constructed from bolted together sheet metal plates and appears to use a trigger / grip assembly taken from a speargun.

Two identical models with retractable stocks seized in Belo Horizonte in 2016.

Zip gun seized in NSW, Australia

centerpunchzipgun1centerpunchzipgun2A simple .22lr zip gun made from a cheap automatic center-punch tool seized in New South Wales, Australia.


The US Army’s improvised pistol

improvisedpistolAn improvised firearm reportedly of a type used to murder British MP Jo Cox yesterday. The suspected shooter allegedly owned a copy of US Army ‘TM-31-210 ‘Improvised Munitions Handbook’ published in 1969 which contains detailed instruction on how to construct various simple homemade guns including the pistol pictured. The pistol is assembled from a 1/4″ pipe coupled with a plug fitted with a nail to act as a firing pin. It is fired by pulling back and releasing a metal strap which is powdered by multiple elastic bands wrapped in place. Reportedly the designs were extensively tested in trails and deemed safe enough to publish for official use.


Homemade guns seized in Nigeria


Homemade guns including a revolver and a percussion muzzleloader seized from cattle rustlers in Nigeria.

Improvised .380 submachine gun seized in Marília, Brazil

homemadesmg311 improgunsAn ultra crude homemade .380 caliber submachine gun used to rob a gas station earlier this month in Marília, SP, Brazil.

Pepperbox zip-gun

An ‘arts & crafts bin’  incarnation of a simple pepperbox design. Each tube chambers a nail gun cartridge + a ball bearing. Hopefully the creator still has the ability to see.



Illicit submachine gun construction bust (Brazil)

A homemade submachine gun and components parts related to construction seized in Minas Gerais, Brazil.


.40 ‘SPECTRA’ submachine gun recovered in Brazil

spectrasmg1 improguns

Here’s a relatively elegant suppressed submachine gun supposedly chambered in .40 and made in Italy with serial number 001 … by Cobray…. and probably most positively very likely isn’t.

spectrasmg2 improgunsspectrasmg3 improguns

spectrasmg4 improguns

Another example seized alongside a small amount of regulated consumables intended for personal use: