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Homemade submachine guns used in Damascus Gate attack

Two homemade submachine guns found after an attack on boarder guards at the Damascus gate in Jerusalem.

CaTFbrvW4AA1Hax6823847891993640360no0278699a08cbd43d48a829f7fcc9fc2d07cc10f0An attack on the 14th also resulted in two homemade submachine guns being seized.

Homemade submachine gun seized (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

78946858793572A .38 revolver and 9mm homemade submachine gun seized during a search of suspect’s home in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.

Homemade 9mm SMG seized in Chile

5672467590902A short barreled homemade machine pistol with a tip-up type receiver. Appears to accept a 9mm Uzi magazine.