Monthly Archives: February 2015

Homebuilt machine pistols fitted with suppressors (Russia)

Homemade machine pistols in various stages of construction. Seized by police from a workshop found operating in a Moscow basement.


12 gauge revolving shotguns (Brazil)

Homemade revolving shotguns confiscated by police in Brazil, one complete and another incomplete. The cylinders consist of welded together pipes and are manually indexed with the assistance of a spring loaded catch.

revolvingshotgunsbrazil improgunsrevolvingshotgunsbrazil2 improguns

Homemade revolver with suppressor – South Africa

A homemade revolver equipped with an improvised suppressor. Confiscated from a rhino poacher in South Africa.

homemadefirearmafrica improguns

Improvised break barrel shotgun (Brazil)

A particularly crude example chambered in 12 gauge. It appears to be cocked via pulling back a spring loaded striker.