Monthly Archives: October 2016

Homemade submachine gun (Brazil 33)


A crude homemade submachine gun seized last week by police in Brazil. Likely one of the many manufactured by ‘Santa Claus’ before his arrest in August 2016.

smgfactory452989  smgfactory275 8933879327

12 gauge shotgun revolver seized in Brazil

homemadeshotgunrevolverCrude example seized in Palmas earlier this month.

Homemade MAC copy seized in Saskatoon, Canada

saskatoon-police-drug-bust-1Firearm marked ‘G-MAG 22’ seized on Sept 30th during a drug raid. An identical model was also seized in Alberta in 2015.

Two homemade automatic pistols seized in Trinidad

homemadepistols682890A 9mm Glock pistol as well as two homemade semi-automatic pistols and drugs seized by police in Trinidad.