Monthly Archives: March 2015

Display of homebuilt submachine guns and revolvers (Belarus)

A number of hand crafted submachine guns and revolvers on display at the Minsk museum of Criminology.

museumdisplayguns4674improguns homemadesmg732improguns homemaderevolver631improguns

Homemade break barrel 12 gauge shotgun seized (Brazil)

improvisedshotgun4567improgunsimprovisedshotgun6726improguns improvisedshotgun2332improguns

Features a forearm pull barrel release. Chambered in 12 gauge.

Improvised 12 gauge revolving shotgun (Brazil)

An improvised revolving shotgun found in the backpack of an adolescent following a domestic dispute.


Improvised double barrel shotgun (Brazil)

An improvised 12 gauge shotgun made using an original barrel assembly combined with handmade parts. A spring loaded striker for each barrel is cocked back manually before firing.




Homemade 9mm ‘T’ machine pistol seized in Ecuador


  • Stamped / welded sheet steel fabrication
  • Chambered in 9×19
  • Angled magazine well

Seized improvised firearms (Chile)

Improvised firearms, including a homemade submachine gun among weapons seized by police in Chile.


Improvised 9mm pistol with paintball marker trigger assembly (Brazil -17)


An improvised 9mm pistol made using the grip and trigger assembly from a paintball marker. Such an assembly will allow for semi-automatic fire as standard. Example seized by police in Brazil.

Improvised .410 shotgun pistol (Brazil)

improvised410shotgunbrazil improguns

A very crude example which is fired by pulling back and releasing a spring tensioned hammer with the thumb. Not pictured would be a nut used to secure it’s barrel once closed.