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The Three Horsemen

A ‘handful’ of break action 12 gauge shotgun pistols produced locally by illegal gunsmiths in Thailand. Now seldom seen where originally produced in the Philippines, these remain a very popular weapon in Thailand and are traded quite openly.

DIY Sheet Metal Derringer Model 2

A .22lr copy of the second model featured in the DIY Sheet Metal Derringers plans book.

Homemade Welrod copy seized by police in Japan

A handmade integrally suppressed bolt action pistol which appears heavily based on the British Welrod. It appears to make use of a factory made magazine and appears to be chambered for .380 ACP. Seized by Aichi / Gifu prefectural police in October 2007.

3D Printed Gun Seized During Arrest in Connecticut

“At 1:09 a.m. Wednesday, in the 100 block of Central Avenue, Waterbury officers arrested 36-year-old Jeremy Stevens, charging him will carrying a pistol without a permit. They say Stevens was hiding a white homemade handgun, loaded with ammo, in his waistband. They say he also had heroin in his pocket.” NBC Connecticut

This pistol seized appears to be a variation of the Songbird model with a steel tube inserted to serve as a stronger barrel. The fame was possibly intentionally broken before arrest.

Favela blaster

Hinged double barrel pistol chambered in .410. The handle looks to be from a pressure washer or similar.