Monthly Archives: October 2017

Illegal arms factory busted in Kolkata India

A backyard illegal arms workshop producing .32 semi-automatic pistols busted in Tiljala. 8 pistols, 50 rds of ammunition, 16 magazines, machines tools recovered. Four suspects arrested. (Kolkata police)

Thai made 1911 copy

A copy of the .45 Colt 1911 with MKIV Series 70 markings locally made in Thailand . The barrel bushing on this example is retained by a screw.

Clandestine submachine gun production in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Homemade rifling machine:

This model has been widely seized throughout multiple states in Brazil and has likely been copied by multiple gunsmiths working for various organized criminal networks.

Eight homemade submachine guns seized

Eight homemade submachine guns seized by police from a suspected drug dealer’s residence in Minas Gerais, Brazil. These are almost certainly a batch fresh off the press from an illicit factory and intended for distribution.

DIY homebuilt revolver

“Friend of mine is working on this, it’s made from the Professor Parabellum .22 plans but he’s modified it to .25 percussion. Barrel is threaded for the silencer. Still not quite finished but apparently it has been fired.”

Thai made 12 gauge pistol

A 12 gauge shotgun pistol design locally made by illicit gunsmiths in Thailand. This model was also commonly made in The Philippines though was eventually sidelined with the availability of cheap automatic pistol copies.

Homemade pistol (Colombia)

A homemade pistol with two rotating chambers, styled similar to a revolver. Seized in Colombia.

Gang weapons seized, Brazil (29/09/2017)

A number of homemade and modified weapons seized by Minas Gerais police from the vehicle of a gang who attempted to blow up an ATM machine last Friday.