Monthly Archives: August 2017

‘AMT Miami USA MAC-11’

An illict workshop made submachine gun seized in high numbers across multiple states in Brazil. Due to the bolt not wrapping around the barrel most of the weight is focused at the rear, with excessive muzzle-rise to be expected. In recent months seizures of cheaper, more crudely made submachine guns have overtaken higher quality examples such as this.

Two types of improvised pistol design

Two types of simple homemade open-bolt pistol designs chambered in .22lr. Those pictured in the first example have a conventional trigger while the examples in the second picture are fired by flicking the cocking handle free of a slot holding both it and the bolt back.

Philip Luty’s submachine gun – Forgotten Weapons

Courtesy of ARES and Ian McCollum, here’s a look at the original 9mm submachine gun made by Philip Luty, two examples of which are kept at the National Firearms Centre in Leeds, UK.  Construction of one of the actual SMGs shown was detailed in his book ‘Expedient Homemade Firearms’ published by Paladin Press in 1998.