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Brazilian garage SMG featured in Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal


The ‘Improvised Gun’ featured in Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal is copied directly from one of the homemade submachine guns seized in Brazil which was posted here.


Improvised 12 gauge shotgun pistol (Brazil)

A crudely made shotgun pistol with a simple external bar trigger to release its bolt. Seized in Brazil.


Illegal gun factory bust in Odisha, India

In August police raided an illegal gun factory manufacturing automatic pistols in Talcher, Odisha. The illicit operation which at the time had 31 pistols assembled was being run from a two-storey rented house.


IRA weapons haul displayed by Irish Gardai

Various improvised weapons on display which were recovered in the Republic of Ireland during 2014-2015. Included are horizontal mortars and components, a beer keg bomb and two makeshift rockets, obviously reminiscent of the ‘Al Qassam’ models frequently used by Hamas militants.



Child shot in leg, homemade firearm found (Australia)

2FEA995900000578-3390493-image-a-11_1452267232812An open-bolt type single shot firearm seized at a home where a three year old suffered leg injuries from a gun shot. Yet another example which proves that despite restrictive gun laws being in place, people will always find ways to illegally acquire them.

Locally made shotgun pistol (Ecuador)

A frequently encountered model of locally crafted 12 gauge shotgun with foregeip and heat-shield seized in Ecuador.



Homemade submachine gun (Sao Leo, Brazil)

A homemade 9mm SMG amongst guns seized from a car in São Leopoldo last year. The suppressor mounted on it probably isn’t all too effective.