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A customized homemade submachine gun, decked out with AR furniture and finished in a Choc Chip paint job which was seized by police in the Brazilian municipality of Espirito Santo. It was apprehended after traffickers from the neighborhoods of Vila Velha and Cariacica fled who were planning to attack a rival group in the area. ‘B.A.M’ is likely the name of the gang it belonged to.

Woody McSnubby Short

Yet another product of the Brazilian independent arms industry which never fails to display innovation on a daily basis.

Homemade oddball ‘Uzi’ type submachine gun (Brazil)

An unusual compact telescoping bolt SMG chambered in .380 seized last September in Brazil.

Seized homemade .380 submachine gun (ES, Brazil)

A homemade .380 SMG seized earlier this month from a group of escaped convicts in Vila Velha, Brazil.

Loyalist made .45 submachine gun

Photo: Joel Goodman

A .45 homemade submachine gun made by Ulster loyalist paramilitaries held in a Greater Manchester police armoury. It appears to use an M3 Grease Gun magazine.

UFF Avenger submachine gun, County Down, Northern Ireland, 1995

An unfinished homemade submachine gun known as the U.F.F Avenger which was produced at an illegal arms workshop operated in Hollywood, Co. Down which was raided in 1995. The arms workshop was run by former engineer Denis Linhop who was convicted and jailed in 1997. The serial number of this example is 307 and is fitted with an SA80 rifle rear sight / carry handle.