Monthly Archives: March 2017

.22 hose nipple zip guns

Two zip guns seized by police which are assembled from readily available pipe fittings. Both consist of a threaded copper pipe with a brass hose nipple for a barrel. A striker attached to a spring and a length of wire rope is pulled back and released to fire.

Illicit submachine gun production in Sao Paulo, Brazil

After an anonymous tip off, police arrested a man in San Jose de Campos earlier this month suspected of manufacturing and selling firearms. At least ten homemade submachine guns had been produced by him, two of the models being previously seized. Each were being sold from between $1,000 to $1,700 (USD) to local buyers.

Improvised 12 gauge pepperbox pistol

Seized following a gunfight with police officers in the Dominican Republic.

Improvised firearm seized in Russia

An improvised firearm pictured alongside a fired nail gun charge. Seized in Russia.