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The Private Eye: A 3D printed single-action .22 revolver

The Private Eye is a 3D printed six shot .22lr revolver currently in development. The design combines mostly printed parts with steel tube sleeve inserts present in the barrel and chambers. The revolver automatically indexes the cylinder when the hammer is pulled back as you’d expect from a traditional factory made revolver. Here is an early test firing video from last year.

Combined with modified blank ammunition, the release of the design will allow people in countries with strict gun control to have access to a concealable multi-shot defensive weapon.

“In collaboration with richard-nixon, the first ever fully DIY traditional single action, automatically indexing revolver is now easier than ever! The dirty Harry and Private Eye, coming soon.” Fosscad

Above: The Dirty Harry

3D Printed .22lr Snub Nose Revolver

A printed .22lr revolver currently in development by a group of unknown individuals. Early testing has apparently yielded promising results. Here is a video of the first prototype being fired.

Scrap metal pistols seized by Australian police

Two homemade pistols, both from the Scrap Metal Arms series confiscated from an escapee from Beechworth prison in Victoria, Australia.