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Improvised pipe shotguns (Chile)

Several crude improvised slam shotguns made using two pieces of pipe and a nail as a firing pin. Often constructed using sections of bicycle frame.

pipeshotgunschile improguns6896879pipeshotgun



Improvised SMG (Brazil – 19)

improvisedsmg18Brazil improguns

A crudely made submachine gun along with a .38 revolver (Edit – .22lr!) seized in Brazil. Possibly takes Glock magazines.

Unusual submachine gun seized in Brazil

A unique looking homemade submachine gun chambered for .380 ACP. It’s lower receiver appears to be made from molded plastic.

brazilsmg18 improgunsbrazilsmg18 2 improguns

Compact improvised shotgun pistol (Brazil)

A crudely made compact 12 gauge shotgun pistol seized during a drug related arrest by police in Brazil.

brazilianshotgunpistol improguns