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“On the night of this Wednesday, 05/10, around 22:30, the 33rd CIPM Peto Kennel garrison held routine rounds in the Portelinha neighborhood in Guaibim, when he came across a group of armed criminals, when Individuals began to shoot military police, and it was necessary to retaliate the unfair aggression.

During the confrontation, the marginals fled to the scrub, which is why a scanning on the site was carried out, where a 9mm caliber handcrafted gun with 15 ammunition was found, a bag containing 64 pebbles of crack -like substance and 61 bundles of substance analogous to marijuana.

Given the facts, the garrison seized all the material and presented at the Valença Police Station, where all appropriate measures were adopted. -CIPM”

Crack Mac and Me phone home

Unsurprisingly: A man died after a confrontation with the Military Police on the afternoon of this Monday 24th in a locality known as Pitanguinha, in Simões Filho , in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador (Brazil). With him, a 9mm caliber submachine gun, 63 packages of marijuana, 26 cocaine pins and 16 vials containing crack were seized.”

Weapons of this particular configuration are hereby now officially designated and must be referred to as Crack MACs.