Monthly Archives: March 2016

Homemade firearms seized in Portugal

893225678improgunsA homemade double barrel shotgun and revolver which appears to accept lengthy homemade cartridges, similar to .357 mag.

Improvised .380 submachine gun seized in MarĂ­lia, Brazil

homemadesmg311 improgunsAn ultra crude homemade .380 caliber submachine gun used to rob a gas station earlier this month in MarĂ­lia, SP, Brazil.

Homemade 9mm SMG seized in Cachoeirinha, Brazil

6783574698456245699Seized from a 16 year old in Cachoeirinha region on March 2nd.

Zip gun (Los Angeles, 1961)

gun679680587069“Homemade gun fired by Van Nuys girl, Los Angeles Herald Examiner (August 10, 1961)”