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Personal protection pole / steering wheel lock in attractive fire hydrant-red.


Jamaican-made Street Sweeper

: Police seized a sub-machine gun, a homemade firearm and 5 shotgun cartridges in Lilliput, St. James. More details soon. – Jamaica Constabulary

By Any Means Necessary

This six shot improvised 12 gauge shotgun, which is incomplete, was seized by police along with Satan’s Plants by police in Brazil. On this crude example the drum is formed from multiple steel tubes welded together with a thumb screw below which is tightened to align and lock each chamber. The firing mechanism is missing.

Improvised 12 gauge shotgun pistols

Typical criminally made weapons seized in Brazil.


Sledgehammer shotguns

A fine pair of 12 bore ‘hammer guns’ hand crafted by Brazil’s world renowned favela artisans. A demonstration of the weapon system presented in the video below.