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Zip guns / improvised firearms – (Staplers part 2)

stapler38zipgun improguns staplegunrevolver improguns staple-gun-firearm-K-441-1

Zip guns / improvised firearms – part 3 (Staplers…)

Homemade submachine gun with rifling tool – Brazil – 12

A 9mm submachine gun and barrel rifling cutting machine made by a 22 year old drug dealer. Reported to have test fired successfully.


improvisedsmgbrazil567357improguns6745473483007845531114riflingmachinehomemaderiflingmachine improguns

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Wood grip ‘T’ machine pistols – Brazil – 10

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Shotgun pistols seized in Brazil


Large homemade shotgun pistols, including a triple barreled example.

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Pen guns and various homemade pistols seized in Thailand

pengunsseizedinthailand1improguns shotgunpistolsthailand1improguns shotgunpistolsthailand2improguns

M-11 influenced machine pistol seized – Brazil – 9

Marked ‘Jerico’ and ‘765’ (7.65 Browning?).

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Homemade .38 spl SMG – Brazil – 8

Features: Pull type charging handle. Chambered in .38 spl.

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Homemade SMG with suppressor – Brazil – 6

Features: Angled magazine-well, probably tailored to conventional pistol magazines. Included is a three position switch indicating possible semi-auto function.


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