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Harlot on the streets

A Harlot seized by NSW Police yesterday while conducting random drug stops. Anyone can print one of these and simply add an airgun pellet to a .22 nail gun blank and have a disposable, concealable pistol. A gang can print a bucket load and arm every single one of their buddies for pocket change. Meanwhile law abiding Australians are told to hand in their kid’s toy gel blasters or go to jail.

The FGC-9 MK2 – Making Tyrants Afraid Again

Gun used to Assassinate Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

The improvised zip gun built and used by 41 year old army veteran Tetsuya Yamagami to assassinate former the former Japanese Prime Minister appears to be muzzle-loaded and electronically initiated. It appears to consist of two threaded gas pipes with end caps drilled to enable insertion of a wire which may be connected to a broken bulb or improvised electric match filled with black powder or match-head shavings to initiate a main propellant charge. Loaded in front of the charge would typically be paper wadding followed by ball bearings or other projectiles. A similar improvised muzzle loading gun was used to kill a police officer in South Korea in 2016.

Edit: More improvised firearms have apparently been found at the suspect’s home:

The folly of gun control in Brazil

The local gang armorers are pumping these things out in ever increasing numbers from a few dollars worth of scrap pipe and the authorities are helpless to stop it.