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Talented British OAP gunsmith allowed to continue his hobby

Raymond Frederick Nugent, 73, cut cardboard templates before pressing metal to create the weapons, and even designed his own firing mechanisms. Nugent described himself as “a gun nut” during a police interview, but said that he had had no intention of firing or selling the weapons.

“After recognizing the man’s obvious talent, the police kindly offered to store his handmade firearms and help him with applying for a gun licence.”

“No evidence was found of any associated criminality linked to Nugent’s activities and keeping the weapons locked in safes showed all the tenets of a responsible gun owner. With increased robberies and knife crime we are experiencing across the UK, It is no surprise that at his time in life Mr. Nugent might want to acquire firearms and we will make every allowance to assist him in doing so the legal way.”

A big win for gun enthusiasts in the UK.

Harlot on the streets

A Harlot seized by NSW Police yesterday while conducting random drug stops. Anyone can print one of these and simply add an airgun pellet to a .22 nail gun blank and have a disposable, concealable pistol. A gang can print a bucket load and arm every single one of their buddies for pocket change. Meanwhile law abiding Australians are told to hand in their kid’s toy gel blasters or go to jail.

FGC-9 Everywhere

It looks like people all over Europe and Asia are printing FGC-9s and no one can do anything to stop it.

Urutau 9mm Carbine

The ‘Urutau‘ is a 3D printed 9mm bullpup carbine based on the FGC-9 which is currently being developed by a Brazil based designer. The Urutau is capable of semi-auto, full-auto and 3-round burst fire using a specially designed 3D printed fire control group.

Like the FGC-9, the design is intended to be easily made anywhere in the world by combining a mixture 3D printed parts combined with hardware store components. The bolt is simply screwed together and does not need a welder, meaning the gun can be put together entirely in an apartment by anyone with limited space and tools.

FGC-9 MK2s seized on Sunday

Apparently eleven FGC-9 MK2s along were seized from two People’s Defence Force (PDF) members in Myanmar’s southern Chan State on Monday who appeared to be transporting them on motorcycles. 400 rounds of 9mm and 3000 rounds of 5.56 were also seized.

The FGC-9 MK2 – Making Tyrants Afraid Again