Monthly Archives: August 2016

Minneapolis gun buyback used for fun and profit

Below we see a rare master artisan handcrafted Glock & Wesson which was apparently traded in for a $100 gift card at the Minneapolis gun buyback on Saturday. With the low serial considered, this was probably not a very fair deal.


MAC-11 type copy with silencer seized by Queensland police

7747496-3x2-940x627 aushomemademacAn example possibly made by a New South Wales illicit gunsmith who was convicted in 2009 of allegedly manufacturing up to 100 similar machine pistols.

Homemade pistols and ammunition (India)

06-02-16 Dhing- TUNFA locally made automatic pistol along with a pair of homemade pistols seized in India. The later appear to use improvised ammunition made from steel tube coupled with circlips and seated with very nasty looking steel projectiles.