3D Printed Pump Action Caseless .50 cal

A 3D printed .50 cal pump-action which uses DIY electrically ignited case-less black powder ammunition (easily made or sourced from fireworks). It uses all off-the-shelf hardware bits and electronic components available from Aliexpress. Even the barrel is printed (with a bit of steel tubing re-enforcing the outside). Designed by SuckBoyTony.

3D Instructions for Chips Found Online The Mail can Reveal

I thought this was quite interesting.

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Most of the machine gun conversion devices showing up on city streets in recent months have been homemade, according to the top federal prosecutor in southern Alabama.

“Only a couple of them have been machine manufactured,” he said. “But the vast majority of them are actually 3D printed. So as far as what the sources of those are, we’re still looking into it, but it appears that at least some of them are being manufactured locally.”

“They can be made almost anywhere by almost anyone,” he said. “That’s part of the reason we’re trying to get the public to understand that these things by themselves, they look small; they look innocuous. But the devices, themselves, are actually machine guns.”

Talented British OAP gunsmith allowed to continue his hobby

Raymond Frederick Nugent, 73, cut cardboard templates before pressing metal to create the weapons, and even designed his own firing mechanisms. Nugent described himself as “a gun nut” during a police interview, but said that he had had no intention of firing or selling the weapons.

“After recognizing the man’s obvious talent, the police kindly offered to store his handmade firearms and help him with applying for a gun licence.”

“No evidence was found of any associated criminality linked to Nugent’s activities and keeping the weapons locked in safes showed all the tenets of a responsible gun owner. With increased robberies and knife crime we are experiencing across the UK, It is no surprise that at his time in life Mr. Nugent might want to acquire firearms and we will make every allowance to assist him in doing so the legal way.”

A big win for gun enthusiasts in the UK.

FGC-9 bust in Taiwan

Taiwan saw its first case of a 3D printed gun manufacturing operation being uncovered on Tuesday, part of the governments ongoing crackdown effort to ensure a peaceful transition to reunification with the mainland in the near future.