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Eight homemade submachine guns seized

Eight homemade submachine guns seized by police from a suspected drug dealer’s residence in Minas Gerais, Brazil. These are almost certainly a batch fresh off the press from an illicit factory and intended for distribution.

Two confiscated homemade submachine guns (Brazil)

3785479improgunsTwo homemade submachine guns seized by police in Brazil last year. Weapons such as the MAC-11 copy shown can be easily produced from structural tube in a small home workshop.

.22 caliber machine pistol (Philippines)

22smg3566899922smg678362A locally made .22lr machine pistol fitted with what looks to be 1911 pattern grips. Also pictured is a high quality Colt 1911 pistol copy.

Drug and submachine gun manufacturing operation uncovered in Australia

lutysmg-aus2016Last Friday police in Queensland conducted searches at two Nerang addresses which uncovered a methylamphetamine lab as well as a workshop for manufacturing firearms. The three submachine guns which were seized are a shortened version of the design described in Expedient Homemade Firearms by P.A Luty.





Homemade MAC copy seized in Saskatoon, Canada

saskatoon-police-drug-bust-1Firearm marked ‘G-MAG 22’ seized on Sept 30th during a drug raid. An identical model was also seized in Alberta in 2015.

Brazilian artisan submachine gun seized

789568937896992Firearms and ammunition seized from a gang operating in Ceara state, Brazil. The submachine gun is the same model featured in Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal.

‘8mm Wolf’ submachine gun with improvised ammunition

8mmwolf18mmwolf28mmwolfammoAbove: Sleeved Hilti nail gun charge + bullets turned from brass bar.