Monthly Archives: November 2016

Drug and submachine gun manufacturing operation uncovered in Australia

lutysmg-aus2016Last Friday police in Queensland conducted searches at two Nerang addresses which uncovered a methylamphetamine lab as well as a workshop for manufacturing firearms. The three submachine guns which were seized are a shortened version of the design described in Expedient Homemade Firearms by P.A Luty.





Improvised submachine gun (Brazil 34)

improvisedsmg73186Seized along with drugs last month in Campos, Rio de Janeiro.

Improvised 12 gauge revolving shotgun (Brazil)

579289574892887894682575796800A pipe gun as well as a six shot 12 gauge revolving shotgun among guns seized by police in a drug related operation last month in Espirito Santo.


Silenced M11 submachine gun copies

homemademac11sHomemade MAC-11 / M11-9 copies with an unusual trigger guard / forward grip arrangement and fitted with silencers. Seized in Spain.

.38 zip gun (Colombia)

674687822879An improvised pistol chambered in .38 Special which uses a door bolt as a striker. The pistol was thrown by a suspect during a police chase.