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Poacher’s silenced takedown gun

Post for TFB:  Here’s a very neat little takedown gun seized by police in Italy which is entirely handmade, fits in a backpack and is chambered for either .22lr or .22 hornet. Intended varmint may or may not have included … Continue reading

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Handbuilt 20x102mm cannon prototype

Josh, the inventor of this fine piece of garage engineering writes: Good evening all, and a happy early Thanksgiving. I just wanted to share my abomination that I will attempt to test-fire tomorrow. This firearm is a rudimentary single-shot 20x102mm … Continue reading

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Improvised percussion lock musket (Russia)

An improvised percussion lock firearm which uses toy caps placed over the touch hole to ignite a matchhead or blackpowder charge.

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Drug cartel DIY open-bolt automatic rifles

Full article: Drug cartel DIY open-bolt automatic rifles A development in improvised weaponry spearheaded by South America’s drug cartel armorers has been the blow-back operated open-bolt automatic rifle. The simple solution to the usual intricacies of a typical assault rifle’s … Continue reading

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