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ISIS made anti-materiel rifle

A homemade anti-materiel rifle manufactured by ISIS militants which was captured in Mosul. Likely chambered for the 12.7 x 108mm cartridge.


Poacher’s silenced takedown gun

Post for TFB:  Here’s a very neat little takedown gun seized by police in Italy which is entirely handmade, fits in a backpack and is chambered for either .22lr or .22 hornet. Intended varmint may or may not have included local magistrates.

poachinggun1 poachinggun2

Handbuilt 20x102mm cannon prototype

20mmcannon1Josh, the inventor of this fine piece of garage engineering writes:

Good evening all, and a happy early Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to share my abomination that I will attempt to test-fire tomorrow. This firearm is a rudimentary single-shot 20x102mm (20mm Vulcan) Destructive Device I built myself on an ATF Form 1. Every single part on here (minus the barrel (but including rear threading & muzzle brake), tripod, pintle, and traverse/elevation mechanism) I built myself, by hand. No CNC parts, nothing off-she-shelf except for a few bolts from the hardware store. The gun is not yet finished, but far enough along for it’s first prototype test-fire. I plan to do this tomorrow, at a family gathering out on the girlfriend’s property.

20mmcannon220mmcannon320mmcannon420mmcannon520mmcannon6Test fire videos:

Improvised percussion lock musket (Russia)

An improvised percussion lock firearm which uses toy caps placed over the touch hole to ignite a matchhead or blackpowder charge.


Drug cartel DIY open-bolt automatic rifles

A development in improvised weaponry spearheaded by South America’s drug cartel armorers has been the blow-back operated open-bolt automatic rifle. The simple solution to the usual intricacies of a typical assault rifle’s locking, delay or gas operation is to essentially make a scaled-up submachine-gun with a very heavy bolt capable of operating at much higher pressures. Using a fixed firing pin and firing from the open-bolt position allows for relatively simple construction with minimal components. Police helicopters are rumored to be some of the intended targets.
openboltrifle9295improgunshomebuiltassaultrifle2improguns openboltrifle9294improguns homebuiltrifle5393 openboltassaultrifle brazilianrifle improguns.blogspot.comhomemadeautomaticriflecolumbiaimproguns1 homemadeautomaticriflecolumbiaimproguns2