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The folly of gun control in Brazil

The local gang armorers are pumping these things out in ever increasing numbers from a few dollars worth of scrap pipe and the authorities are helpless to stop it.

Gun maker arrested in Saxony

A 75 year old German man in Saxony was recently arrested for home gunsmithing activities:

The Saxon police found four self-made weapons in a 75-year-old man from Zwickau. The man made the weapons with the help of a computer-assisted milling machine, a lathe, a 3D printer, welding equipment and other tools, as the police in Zwickau announced on Friday.

The police became aware of the suspect in connection with an international investigation into the fight against the illegal arms trade. The 75-year-old had ordered weapon parts that were prohibited in Austria. Officers then ransacked his home.

As a marksman, he legally owned four long guns and three short guns. He also had a permit to reload ammunition independently. However, the investigators also found five illegal weapons in the suspect, four of which he had built himself.

In addition, there is therefore an urgent suspicion that he manufactured silencers and other weapon parts. Among other things, 34 gun barrels, various grips, locks and several thousand rounds of ammunition were found during the search.

PA Luty submachine guns seized in NSW Australia

On Wednesday police seized three PA Luty based homemade submachine guns from a house in Penrith, NSW Australia. These designs seem to show up in Australia more than anywhere else.

“Penrith RES investigators have charged a man with manufacturing prohibited firearms after seizing three homemade sub-machine guns at a property in Sydney’s west yesterday.

Earlier this month, officers from Penrith Region Enforcement Squad (RES) established Strike Force Elbon to investigate the manufacture of prohibited firearms in Sydney’s west.

Following extensive investigations, Penrith RES, with assistance from North West Metropolitan Operations Support Groups (OSG), arrested a 45-year-old man outside a licenced premise at Smith Street, Penrith, about 3.30pm yesterday (Wednesday 23 December 2020).

In a subsequent search of the man, officers located and seized $6,000 cash.

A short time later, police executed a search warrant at a home at South Penrith, where officers seized 50 exhibits including three illegally manufactured sub-machine firearms.

Further weapons including numerous firearms parts, ammunition, knuckle dusters, nun-chucks and an electronic stun device were seized.

Investigators also located a stolen motorcycle, documentation and prohibited drugs including 1kg of iodine, and amounts of cocaine, methylamphetamine (ice) and heroin.” NSW Police