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Homemade submachine guns seized in Sydney, Australia

A search of a storage facility connected to motorcycle a gang in Waterloo, Sydney last Thursday uncovered drugs, $2.75 million in cash as well as four homemade submachine guns which are pictured above.

Two men are due in court following the seizure of $2.75 million in cash, 13 firearms and illicit drugs. Officers with Strike Force Raptor and the Drug and Firearms Squad searched a storage facility at Waterloo, where drugs, guns and cash were allegedly discovered.


Homemade double barrel derringer seized by Australian police

Police in South Australia seized this homemade .22 ‘flip-barrel’ Over/Under derringer during a raid on a home in Whyalla Stuart yesterday. Two men aged 19 and 18 years old were arrested.

Homemade pistol & silencer (Australia)

A homemade ‘PPK’ look-alike pistol along with a silencer seized by New South Wales Police in October.

Australian police seize homemade semi-automatic handgun

A semi-automatic handgun constructed from sheet metal seized during raids on properties across the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.

Homemade .357 revolver seized in Queensland, Australia

A loaded .357 magnum revolver found by police at a property in Queensland, which appears very similar to several others recently seized.

Homemade TEC-9 copy seized in Sydney, Australia

tec9copyaus-improgunsA submachine gun based on the Interdynamic MP-9 or ‘TEC-9’ along with a silencer which was seized by NSW police in Sydney.

Another handmade revolver seized in Australia

homemaderevolveraus2A home workshop revolver seized by police this week which is similar to an example which was seized in Queensland in August of last year. The frames of the guns appear to be casted aluminum and are obviously being made locally. Loading and ejection of cartridges is a revival from guns such as the Colt SAA Peacemaker.