.22 derringer with flip-up breech (Mexico)

Derringerflipupbreech1 Derringerflipupbreech2


3 thoughts on “.22 derringer with flip-up breech (Mexico)

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  2. dav343

    Bad design, it looks like you could drop the hammer on the bullet while loading. That flip up breach does not appear to engage any kind of trigger lock.


    1. Pezfeo

      From the look of the gun/ breech/ hammer design besides dropping the hammer while loading I’m guessing the hammer stays back while it is loaded, or the firing pin would be resting on the bullet primer.

      An easy fix would be to add some type of simple safety that Connects/ Locks the hammer to the gun frame in the cocked position.

      There are also many things they could do to the Firing-pin or the flip-up Breech that could make it safe while loading, and also while loaded with the hammer in the cocked or un-cocked position.



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