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Homemade 9mm submachine gun seized in Naples, Italy

A homemade 9mm submachine gun seized from a criminal arms cache hidden behind a church in Torre Annunziata, Naples, May 2017. Described in reports as an ‘UZI’ but very obviously not.


Improvised double barrel slam-bang shotgun

doublebarrelslambangApparently confiscated after being fired from a moving car.

Homemade pipe shotgun seized in Italy

pipeshotgun001A striker fired homemade shotgun seized by Italian police in July.

Poacher’s silenced takedown gun

Post for TFB:  Here’s a very neat little takedown gun seized by police in Italy which is entirely handmade, fits in a backpack and is chambered for either .22lr or .22 hornet. Intended varmint may or may not have included local magistrates.

poachinggun1 poachinggun2