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Various homemade submachine gun types, Israel, 2018

A few of many homemade typical ‘Carlo’ submachine guns seized by Israeli police and boarder patrol during operations mostly in the north this year.

Two craft-made submachine guns (northern Israel)

Two craft-made submachine guns colloquially referred to as ‘carlo’ or ‘Carl Gustaf’ pistols which were seized in northern Israel earlier this year. Along with the widely seized ‘standard’ model, present is a slightly more compact variation which has more recently appeared.

Homemade submachine guns (Jenin, West Bank)

homemadestenandcarlojeninA homemade Sten type copy along with a ‘Carlo’ submachine gun seized in Jenin, Palestinian West Bank.

Homemade SMGs with AR stocks seized by IDF

9mm submachine guns of a type frequently seized by Israeli Defence Forces, sometimes locally referred to as ‘Carlo’ or ‘Carl Gustaf’ pistols. These are usually seen fitted with AR furniture and are sometimes made to use Uzi magazines.



Homemade submachine gun seized by IDF

A crudely built submachine gun which accepts 9mm pistol magazines. Seized by Israeli Defence Forces.