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Brazilian street gang arsenal

A typical favella narco gang loadout. The ‘General’ gets to pack the MAC knock-off where as his lowest ranking Lieutenant must work his way up to earn the privilege of getting a magazine for his ‘MADE AS ISRAEL’ Tec-9.

Expedient .380 SMG

A submission from a reader. PA Luty’s .380 machine pistol built to the plans with modern modifications including a barrel which was rifled using the ECM method as well as 3D printed sights.


P.A Luty Expedient .380 Submachine Gun (Minas Gerias, Brazil)

An example of the .380 design described in Expedient Homemade Firearm Vol.II by PA Luty which was seized by police on Thursday in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Original .380 submachine gun built by PA Luty.

Expedient machine pistol seizures in Brazil

A number of homemade SMGs based on the 2nd of PA Luty’s widespread DIY designs have recently began appearing in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Along with a myriad of decades old locally produced designs, information available via the Internet has evidently began to disseminate there.

Philip Luty’s submachine gun – Forgotten Weapons

Courtesy of ARES and Ian McCollum, here’s a look at the original 9mm submachine gun made by Philip Luty, two examples of which are kept at the National Firearms Centre in Leeds, UK.  Construction of one of the actual SMGs shown was detailed in his book ‘Expedient Homemade Firearms’ published by Paladin Press in 1998.

Homemade SMGs with AR stocks seized by IDF

9mm submachine guns of a type frequently seized by Israeli Defence Forces, sometimes locally referred to as ‘Carlo’ or ‘Carl Gustaf’ pistols. These are usually seen fitted with AR furniture and are sometimes made to use Uzi magazines.



PA Luty 9mm SMG captured in Brazil (17)

An obviously influenced attempt seized with ammunition.

luty9mmbrazil improguns


Homemade submachine guns – part 8 (Russia / Caucasus)

homemadesterlingpistolsmg improgunsrussianhomemademachinepistol456346improguns


Chechen ‘Borz’:

borzsmgs8484improgunsborzgunstripped improgunsphotofeature10_weapons_9222 photofeature10_weapons_9223 photofeature10_weapons_9214 borzmachinepistol3improguns

Homemade submachine guns – part 1 (Brazil)

Homemade submachine guns – part 2 (Middle East)

Homemade submachine guns – part 3 (Australia)

Homemade submachine guns – part 4 (Brazil 2)

Homemade submachine guns – part 5 (Brazil / South America 3)

Homemade submachine guns – part 6 (Brazil / South America 4)

Homemade submachine guns – part 7 (Chechen rebel made ‘Borz’)


P.A Luty expedient submachine gun examples

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Australian police seizures:


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Homemade machine pistols – Indonesia

Simple steel box section ‘T’ configuration machine pistols seized in Indonesia.

homemademachinepistolsindon2improguns homemademachinepistolindon3improguns