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The Poor Man’s Cobray Terminator

“12 Gauge made from hardware store items. The shotgun is cocked by pulling the entire barrel forward several inches until it locks into place. Then a shell is loaded through the breech. When the trigger is pulled the barrel retracts back into the receiver and carries the shell to the firing pin. Pulling the barrel forward again extracts the spent shell and tipping the shotgun to the side dumps the shell on the ground.”





Improvised double barrel shotgun (Mexico)

A crude homemade double barrel shotgun seized from a gang who targeted ATM machines.

homemadedoublebarrelmexico improguns

Improvised .410 shotgun pistol (Brazil)

improvised410shotgunbrazil improguns

A very crude example which is fired by pulling back and releasing a spring tensioned hammer with the thumb. Not pictured would be a nut used to secure it’s barrel once closed.