Paintball marker adaptions

Cheap paintball markers adapted with homemade barrels, magazine-wells and bolts to fire conventional ammunition.

post-3-15134-how_abauth_this__side__1post-3-49346-long_riflepost-3-35967-Bild043 paintballgun smg conversion2 improguns post-3-45621-bolt.22lr post-30-58020-DSC001homemade22smg1 post-30-45009-DSC00133homemade22smg4paintballgunsmg62909improguns paintballconversionsmg78467improguns68586786956795improguns paintballsmg4532improguns.22lrpistolpaintball improguns


60mm grenade launcher:

armas paintballgrenadelauncherimproguns2

One thought on “Paintball marker adaptions

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