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Glock Copy Seized in Queensland Australia

An interesting black market Glock 17 copy seized by the Gold Coast Major and Organised Crime Squad on Monday. The frame appears to be machined from either plastic or aluminum while the slide is an unmarked copy. The magazine appears to be an original factory made example.

Three submachine guns belonging to NPA rebels in Maguindanao

Locally made submachine guns including two MAC-11 type copies and an M16-esque SMG similar to the ‘KG9’. Surrendered to security forces by a group of communist rebels belonging to the┬áNew People’s Army in Maguindanao, Philippines. 6ID Kamilantroopers.

Handmade revolver seized during drug arrest (Australia)

handmaderevolverAn interesting homemade center-fire revolver confiscated along with drugs from a 22 year old women last month in Queensland, Australia. The frame 0f the gun looks like it could be roughly casted while the cylinder appears to be machined. Coupled with solid metal grip panels, enhanced pistol-whipping capabilities are obvious.