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Scrap metal pistols seized by Australian police

Two homemade pistols, both from the Scrap Metal Arms series confiscated from an escapee from Beechworth prison in Victoria, Australia.

.380 MK3 sheet metal pistol

Another submission from a reader featured earlier, this time a .380 semi auto sheet metal pistol. A standard Makarov magazine was used.

.32 Sheet Metal Pistol (Brazil, 11/28)

A .32 version of the DIY Sheet Metal Pistol with an extended magazine seized in Arapiraca, Brazil last month.

Semi-auto pistol with suppressor seized in Russia

What appears to be a small caliber DIY sheet metal type pistol which was seized last month by police in Russia.

Building The DIY Sheet Metal Self-loading Pistol

Krikit 25-004Build log:

IMG_2765IMG_2790IMG_2812IMG_3013IMG_2853IMG_2840 IMG_2977   IMG_3045 IMG_3117 IMG_3120 IMG_3144 IMG_3290

Full build video:

Successful test fire:

The Firearm Blog: Semi-auto pistol improvised from sheet metal