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3D printed .22lr 1911 (with printed slide)

A 3D printable .22lr 1911 currently being developed which uses a printed frame as well as a printed slide combined with DIY parts which has been reportedly holding up well during testing.

The barrel is also printed with a steel tube lining and will eventually include a printed magazine.


The 3D print-able FGC-9 MKII 9mm carbine wielded by a member of Birmingham’s notorious Burger Bar Boys.

Cops issue scary warning Britain is being flooded with 3D printed guns made from plans found on the web for just £300

3D Printable AR15 Trigger Assembly

Another firearm component which has now been rendered unregulatable worldwide. It looks as though the FGC-9 will now be significantly easier for anyone in the world to put together.

Test firing video

3D Printed Songbird Pistol Manufacturing in NSW, Aus

3D printed PM422 Songbird pistols seized on Tuesday 11 August 2020 by police in New South Wales, Australia. The printed barrels are reinforced by inserting a length of steel tubing.

The FGC-9 – A semi automatic 9mm anyone can print at home

Pictured alongside a FMDA Glock 19 – CtrlPew.