Philip Luty’s submachine gun – Forgotten Weapons

Courtesy of ARES and Ian McCollum, here’s a look at the original 9mm submachine gun made by Philip Luty, two examples of which are kept at the National Firearms Centre in Leeds, UK.  Construction of one of the actual SMGs shown was detailed in his book ‘Expedient Homemade Firearms’ published by Paladin Press in 1998.

6 thoughts on “Philip Luty’s submachine gun – Forgotten Weapons

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  2. Kelly Harper

    Is that a .45? Looks too big for a 9mm. Its interesting that in the US you’d probably be MARGINALLY safer by claiming it was a “political statement” and therefore free speech than if you just built it to see if it was possible. And I know it’s exaggeration, but you’d need a lot more than a hacksaw to build that. Barrel aside, and drilling and welding (if applicable) you’d need a sheet metal bender. That’s probably the really tough part.


    1. ImproGuns Post author

      The original design (shown in the video) is chambered in 9×19. The barrel is made from thick walled steel tubing whereas the upper and lower receiver + magazine are made from steel box section. No bending or welding needed.



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