Halle synagogue attacker’s homemade submachine gun

A familiar DIY submachine gun design used by the perpetrator of the attack on a synagogue in the Germany city of Halle earlier today. An improvised ‘slam-fire’ pipe shotgun also appeared to have been used.

3 thoughts on “Halle synagogue attacker’s homemade submachine gun

  1. Karl Müller

    Fellas, it is to be recommended to view the NZ Mosque Shooting and the Halle Incident in comparision, copycat very likely. But the Halle Perp did make a number of unexplainable mistakes.
    He knew the Lutys wouldnt fire burst without extractor ejector, but he didnt fit these parts in place.
    Mags were of lousy workmanship too, woudlnt feed properly
    Energetics of far out silly choice of Chemicals, although there are plenty of Perchlorate/ Al-Mixtures readly available, illegal though.
    All this he knew beforehand! Mad bastard!



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