Glock Copy Seized in Queensland Australia

An interesting black market Glock 17 copy seized by the Gold Coast Major and Organised Crime Squad on Monday. The frame appears to be machined from either plastic or aluminum while the slide is an unmarked copy. The magazine appears to be an original factory made example.

8 thoughts on “Glock Copy Seized in Queensland Australia

    1. jic

      Reliable magazines are notoriously difficult to make despite their general mechanical simplicity, so I’d actually be more impressed if it *wasn’t* a factory mag (assuming it worked).


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  2. Steve Gabbard

    It’s amazing what happens with 3d printing – it really helps people to get control over their
    lives back. The biggest problem for people in europe is getting the upper parts that are extremly regulated over here … Again, if you are no criminal, you are suffering from that law – people might think, why not get a license then … but the cost for that is so ridicolously high and you are so much under survailance if you decide to apply for such a license, that it’s no option for many people – needing a life long active shooting-club membership, needing two safes (each several thousands of euros) to store gun and ammunition seperately , yearly unanounced inspections by Law inforcement. It’s a nightmare.
    Its not even possible to get a simple Glock 17 Gen 4 guide rod without a license. So if there is any libertarian in the US is willing to help (only with the legal upper parts!), I would really be happy!


    1. sjfgub

      Getting a gun license in those countries is still a good idea since it means much easier access to ammunition and reloading components.

      Getting a Glock frame isn’t too difficult. So I feel that American gunmakers are too focused with the making a lower (that is legally the firearm in the US but nowhere else).


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