Photos of illegal TEC-9 submachine gun factory operating in Montreal

Photos have emerged of an underground gun factory which operated in Montreal, Canada to produce high quality copies of the TEC-9 / DC-10 submachine gun for the criminal market. This model of  illicit craft produced machine pistol was previously documented having appeared seized in several police operations.

The factory was discovered by accident after a burglar alarm alerted police to the warehouse of the company located in LaSalle borough. Vice-president of Perfection Metal, Pierre Larivière, 60 and Jean-Pierre Huot, 59 are facing charges relating to the 2014 find. Employees at the factory were apparently  told that they were manufacturing parts for paintball guns.

An easily recognizable feature of these guns is that unlike the original molded polymer lower receiver of the TEC-9 / DC-10, copies were produced using two CNC-machined halves bolted together for ease of construction:

Disassembled components of the gun revealing two-piece ‘clam shell’ construction of lower receiver.

Silencer:Silencer components:CNC machine used to construct components of the weapons:

Perfection Metal

Above is an example previously seized by police during a drug operation in Toronto in 2016:

26 thoughts on “Photos of illegal TEC-9 submachine gun factory operating in Montreal

      1. Karl Müller

        Nope, legally full responsibility always falls to the perpetrator, never to innert objects. Be it small arm or vehicle.


    1. Karl Müller

      Sure, but why this type? Any “Metral” or “Luty”, adapted to CNC manufacture, would have been a trade more worthwile?
      As long as most small arms cartridges can be fired through any suitable pipe-arrangement “Zulu-gun” style at rates of 20-30/min with minimal modification effort and…

      Gun control cant work at all.


  1. Tracy

    Reblogged this on Possum Living and commented:
    This is why gun bans don’t and will never work, even if they were a good idea. Which they’re not.
    These appear to be higher quality than the original gun they were patterned after.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stainmaster Zinc

      That wouldn’t be too hard. I’ve seen two versions of the Pure Semi-Only in action. Both of them were Jamammatic specials. The first jammed exactly half the time, the other ALL the time; couldn’t get a shot off at all at the range.

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. Alex

      More restrictions for guns – more illegal firearms. USA is experienced with this already. Not gun kills people – people do it


  3. Anonymous

    There are over 500 MILLION guns in the USA, probably 10 Million in Canada.
    The world will NEVER be free of guns, only people who can defend themselves understand that fact.

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    1. Exile1981

      Actually back in the 70’s the estimate by the Canadian government was 60-70 million guns for a country of 15 million people. They said then that the average gun owner here had 8 guns. Now when they started registering guns they said only 20 million were registered, so how many millions never were registered and how many more have been brought in legally? (legal import of guns is over 1 million a year)


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  6. Mr Saturday Night6

    I’ve shot a civilian market semiauto Tec-9. They sucked, did not function.
    With the CNC equipment wonder why they made the receiver in two parts?


      1. Surly Olde Armourer

        Presumably there’s a cavity in the receiver for the hammer, trigger, etc, and a magazine well. It would be much easier to mill out that space as two shallow cuts on the interior side of two receiver pieces, than to make a deep mill cut from the top of a single-piece receiver.

        Consider an AR15 lower: the same would hold true except that the AR15 needs a large threaded ring at the rear to take the buffer tube. If a different means of mounting the tube was used, a two-piece design for the lower would be possible.


  7. Karl Müller

    Yall have a look:

    Dangerous items and firearms cant be banned to good effect.


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